My training style is fun and interactive.

My participants walk away with practical tools they can put into action immediately.

Below are examples of sessions I have delivered to companies that can be tailored to suit your needs.



20 - 40 minutes

A short talk at a breakfast or networking event:

  • Make Your Mark Fundamentals:
    Anyone can make a mark at work using five key fundamentals of self-knowledge. Learn how to make your mark in any industry and get some tips for getting noticed at work.
  • Mental Agility: 
    Change is constant! I share my career story around managing change, the things I have seen (good, bad and ugly), what I have learnt and how you can build resilience working in a fast-paced environment.


1.5 – 2+ hours

Using an appreciative enquiry approach, I delve deep into the way your team ticks. I can create sessions to suit your specific needs. Below are some of the sessions I have delivered:

  • Culture Audit:
    We will explore what’s working, what can work better and the collective way forward.
  • Knowing Me, Knowing You:
    I am experienced in DISC behaviour profiling and Human Synergistics’ LSI 360 Individual Assessment and Team GSI Tool. We can use one of these reports to build on the positives of your team.
  • What Our Clients Says About Us (and what we should do about it!):
    I facilitate a session to observe your team from a client’s perspective, we will explore areas which connect and those that disconnect with your clients then focus on your priorities.
  • A New Start:
    I facilitate the session to acknowledge the change that has taken place, discuss the way we want to work going forward, then focus on the way you intend to work together.
  • Team Charter Session:
    This session allows everyone to get on the same page, agree on the behaviours and actions that all commit to and you’ll leave with a common language.



1.5 – 2+ hours

  • Make Your Mark Deep Dive:
    Anyone can make a mark at work using five key fundamentals of self-knowledge. This is an introspective course where you get real with yourself!

    It’s about building your emotional intelligence to the next level. You’ll learn what makes you tick, how to soar with your strengths, how to weaken your weaknesses, how to confidently seize opportunities, how to minimise threats, focus on what else you need to develop and create your professional dashboard. We will then end with your professional pitch.

    (Either broken down to 5 sessions or 1 full day.)
  • Mental Agility: 
    Change is the only constant in life - yep. I share what I have learnt in my change management journey and I will provide you some juicy tools on how you can build and maintain resilience working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.
  • Nail It at Work:
    Crank up your efficiency and enjoyment at work. Do you know how to work efficiently? Do you understanding what drives you at work and when you work best? In this workshop I will share some kick ass hacks and tools for self-coaching to make you a productivity pro.
  • Manage Your Manager:
    This is a skill everyone needs! We will discuss the ways you can nail that relationship with your manager and get you to work optimally with them. You’ll leave with solid tools not only to manage up, but to better manage yourself!


I am a qualified Coach, I will work with you to focus our attention on the work priorities you are looking to develop.

Many organisations send individuals who would benefit from some dedicated attention to me to get new perspectives, work out how to manage challenges and to discuss work matters in a private setting, away from work. 


My coaching style is direct. I firstly seek to understand you and then your needs. I will ask you direct questions. You will do most of the talking. We will have fun. I will provide you with tools and practical exercises to put in place.

I can offer one off coaching, however my preference is a longer-term coaching partnership so you can make some lasting change.


Coming soon! I am so excited about this!


The Online Bootcamps will be a series of sessions on various topics that will pique your interest.


They’ll be affordable and online.


I’ll drop weekly emails to your inbox with a video and your work. You can work at your own pace and in your own setting.  

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