Your 3 Month Self Coaching Guide


This 3 month Self Coaching Journal has everything you need to focus on your goals, your career and your professional brand.


Your Daily Journal To Achive Big Things!

This easy 30 day journal will walk you through prompts to get stuff done.



A Framework for Addressing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace – Self Paced

$299 USD for a limited time!

Unconscious bias is natural, we all have it. In a workplace it can be detrimental to your organisational culture and your brand.

If you want to change your culture and ensure people check in on their prejudices, biases and blockers to enable them to be the best that you can be at work, then this is your guide. 


How does the Framework work?

What else is covered ?

I have utilised my change management and specifically organisational culture change expertise to create a step by step culture change framework to enable you to:

  • Assess your desired culture
  • Review what you already have in place
  • Engineer policies, processes and projects to address the gaps
  • Act on the changes you are making
  • Progress the changes to ensure the change is sustainable and not a one off tick in the box process (we’ve all seen those!)  
  • Plus, you will receive bonus training material on Unconscious Bias that you can use internally

Gain practical tips that will help you focus on your challenges and help you plan for success!



$249 USD

If you’re not feeling 100% like your awesome yourself, if you’re feeling out of sorts and you’re in need of refocusing your mind to get you more Zen so you can nail the rest of life then… this course is for you!

How do Online Bootcamps work?

What will you receive from me?

I will virtually coach you via weekly videos, workbooks plus you'll receive...

Week 1  - A Guided Meditation & Reflection on My Best Self Activity. You will receive two guided meditation mp3s to practice which are less than 5 minutes long plus a reflective activity!

Week 2  A Self Care Audit. This introspective practical tool will take a deep dive into all things you related to these aspects of your life: physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, relationship and work.

Week 3  - The 3 Cs Activity. This activity is so easy and fun! You do it at the end of your day discussing at the dinner table or in your workbook. It has been a life changer for me!

Week 4 - Fill Your Cup and Self Coaching. In the final week you will look back to look forward, you will conclude with a self coaching activity and you will end with a commitment to yourself.

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