Prina Shah
Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Developing CEOs, Leaders, Teams and Company Cultures through Coaching, Consulting and Training. 

About Me


Having successfully tailored culture optimisation programs and change initiatives over a global career spanning 18+ years; I know what works.


No one culture is the same, which is why I tailor my Coaching, Consulting and Training service to meet your needs.

Any company that disconnects culture and its people is putting their success at risk.


Numerous studies show there is a direct correlation between a constructive, productive culture and a company’s output. Still, many companies spend little time thinking, let alone focusing on their leaders, teams or culture.


In my initial meeting with you I will ask questions to truly understand your needs.

Career Experience and Clients



Working either 1 to 1 or in group coaching sessions I will support you and your leaders to make that shift.


Every organisation and culture is different. No one size fits all which is why I customise my service to suit your needs.


Working closely with you, your HR team and your lead team I will tailor bespoke training packages for your needs.


Here are affordable online courses you can do at any time and any place!


I often provide free resources of material that has been especially popular with my clients.


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