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Your 3 Month Self Coaching Journal!

Book By: Prina Shah

This 3 month Self Coaching Journal has everything you need to focus on your goals, your career and your professional brand.

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About the Book

This 3 month Self Coaching Journal created by Global Coach, Prina Shah, has everything you need to focus on your goals, your career and your professional brand.

The weekly prompts which have been successfully tried and tested by Prina's Coachees will help you to achieve your goals.

This Self Coaching Journal will build your self awareness, emotional intelligence, relationships and allow you to focus on yourself.

Try it at the end of each week for just 30 minutes and see where it takes you!

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Prina’s extensive background puts her in a unique position to respond to your needs.


Prina spent 20+ years in the corporate world leading teams in Strategic People and Culture roles focusing on culture change, leadership development and change management. She is a Global Coach, Consultant and Trainer.

Prina understands the challenges that today’s leaders face. Prina specialises in executive, leadership and outplacement coaching, consulting and training.

Prina possesses a BSc in Sociology and Social Psychology and a Diploma of Professional Coaching.

She brings a wealth of practical experience and corporate knowledge to support you in developing emotionally intelligent leaders and to optimise your organisational culture.


What Customers Say

I wish more people had the opportunity to have coaching! I feel very lucky that I was able to do this part of the [Aspiring Leader’s] program. Prina provided lots of tips and tools for me to use to become a better professional and individual.


During a really difficult time of change, she was also great at helping unpack some of my frustrations from an objective point of view and give me techniques to overcome them. Prina is calm, genuine and really intelligent. She really listened and wrapped up each session with actionable outcomes.

“The tools and material Prina provided after the course have been excellent. I will refer to them to help with my leadership journey throughout my career.
I highly recommend Prina’s training courses.
Not only are they challenging, insightful and fun – you leave with so much material to ensure you can continue applying the learning.”

“I learned so much about my outlook in situations, how I can approach things differently; my boundaries, my capabilities, strengths and what I have control of; and myself how I am and how I can improve. I am able to use the tools you gave me both in work and in my personal life.
I can't thank Prina and the organisation enough for affording me and Prina the time to do this and I would highly recommend it to anyone of any level.”